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Six-month smile manchester

A beautiful smile in six months

Are you after a fabulous smile but aren’t willing to wait the long periods of time (up to 2 years)? in that case, the six months smile is your best bet in gaining a smile that you’ve always dreamed about. Many people in Manchester and in the united kingdom suffer from misaligned or crooked teeth and now they want to do something about it and are not willing to wear traditional braces that require you to wear them for up to 2 years. that’s why the new six month smiles or 6-month braces are the perfect options.

Do I need to wear metal braces (tracks)


No, the metal braces are typically used in traditional braces, but in the case of
six month smiles the product
uses white coloured tracks and brackets, meaning they are
virtually invisible, from a distance someone wouldn’t be able to tell the difference whether
you are wearing braces or not, but up close and personal someone would be able
to spot them.




Advantages and Disadvantages of wearing six-month smiles


  • Quick Turn around

Out of the other teeth-straightening methods, six-month smiles have one the quickest treatment times, six months. Other traditional treatments can take up to two years, what makes it relatively quick is that it only straightens your front teeth.

The brackets on six-month smiles are white and the wire is tooth coloured meaning that from a distance is it not noticeable, however, the only time it becomes noticeable is when someone is up close.


  • It may not improve your bite

As this treatment only straightens your front teeth, it may not improve the way you bite. Dental patients need to be aware of this and need to have their questions discussed with their dentist.

  • Might not be as effective as other treatments

You may find that compared to other teeth straightening treatments six-month smiles might not be as effective.

What are Lingual braces ?

Lingual braces work in the same way as traditional metal braces, in that they attach directly onto the teeth and apply constant pressure to move them into the desired position. However, the big difference is that they are installed behind the teeth thus offering a far more discreet method of treatment. Lingual braces fix permanently to the teeth and the correction takes about the same to achieve as traditional braces, i.e. between one and two years. Another name for them is incognito braces, for fairly obvious reasons.

Just as with traditional braces, lingual braces must be kept as clean as possible, with careful brushing to avoid a build-up of tartar and plaque on the teeth underneath. Avoid eating sticky foods like toffee or things that could get stuck in the brace more easily, such as popcorn.

What are Invisalign Braces ?

Invisalign braces are another popular method of straightening crooked teeth. They are highly commended in the dental world as a comfortable and convenient realignment method. They comprise a set of clear, plastic realigners that press against the teeth to move them into the right place. After the initial dental orthodontics consultations are completed and impressions were taken, the first in your set of clear plastic braces are custom-made using digital software and fitted by your orthodontist for a precise fit.

Normally, you will wear your new brace for between 20 and 22 hours per day. You can remove it when you eat and when you need to brush and floss your teeth. Treatment normally lasts between one and two years. Every few weeks, you must return to the orthodontist to receive a new Invisalign brace that will also be custom-made digitally to reflect and fit the new positions that your teeth will have moved into since your previous appointment.

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