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Removable Braces Invisalign

Many people seeking teeth realignment will prefer to wear a removable braces. This could be for cosmetic reasons at a special event or to enable the wearer to take out their brace to eat, play a musical instrument or participate in sport. Removable braces tend to be more effective for mild orthodontic treatments, rather than more severe cases. They can be used after fixed-brace treatment has been completed, to help teeth adapt to their new positions.

It is recommended that a removable brace is worn for approximately 22 hours per day. They are designed to be comfortable to wear and aesthetically pleasing, often constructed from clear or tooth-blending colours for discretion. Results can be seen in a matter of weeks, depending upon how the individual patient reacts to the treatment and cares for the brace.


Some aligner types offer limited colour options for a touch of personalisation. Talk to your orthodontist about available customisations.

Wearing time is crucial for progress. Most recommend wearing them 20-22 hours daily, including while sleeping.

Contact your orthodontist immediately. Replacing lost or damaged appliances might incur additional costs.

Initially, you might experience slight lisping, but it usually adjusts within a few days as you adapt.

Discretion, easier oral hygiene, and dietary freedom are some key advantages.