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Cost of Invisalign in UK

Getting Invisalign treatment might sound better than wearing regular braces. As expected because of their aesthetic look, invisalign’s cost more than traditional braces. Not to worry though! Today many dental and health insurance plans cover this treatment. Before going through a treatment make sure you have contacted and spoken to about your medical benefit from your insurance or healthcare provider. Prices in the UK can vary from £2,500-£6,000.

This gap is quite a lot and has several factors affecting it. Many people choose Invisalign with simpler dental problems and others have more complex. The price will vary on the complexity of your dental problems. Another factor is how long you are in a treatment for. Your location might also play a role. If you are in London, then obviously the prices are going to be much higher than other cities in the UK. The provider you choose will also play a role in determining the price of the treatment.  Treatments can include many different processes and features. Things like 3D scans, x-rays, Virtual treatment plans, are all features than can be included in the treatment and this will be included in the prices as well.

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